Life Beyond Adversities 

An encouraging, inspirational, spirit-filled, and at times, funny book that highlights Tonia's real life-changing experiences. This memoir will take the reader on a military and spiritual journey where Tonia traveled the country as  a singer and a dancer in the military. She encountered many bumps in the road, as well as exhilarating experiences, such as getting selected for that prestigious entertainment group, Air Force Tops in Blue. Her journey also entails many adversities and obstacles, but she did not allow them to impede or stifle her plans, hopes and dreams. Instead, she used them as a springboard to catapult her to bigger and better things, such as getting promoted to Chief Master Sergeant and living a more peaceful and spirit-filled life.  In spite of illnesses, divorce, racism and sexual harassment, she continues to live her life beyond adversities.

The word of God carried her gently through; a true testimony of faithful living.

Dr. Brenda J. Relefourd

"Walking In Power"

Blog Talk Radio-Aug. 19, 2014-10:30 am

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